Tupac Shakur’s Early Years in Baltimore Depicted in Born Busy Documentary


BALTIMORE, MD, November 21, 2019.- Born Busy, a documentary based on the book 'Back in the Day: My life and times with Tupac Shakur' by Darrin Keith Bastfield published by Randomhouse in 2002. 

This film depicts untold personal stories of Tupac Shakur (Played by Imani Turner) and his struggles as a teenager living impoverished in a Baltimore neighborhood effected by violence and the crack epidemic during the mid to late 1980's. Tupac's life takes a change when he gains enrollment into the Baltimore School for the Arts, giving him access to study theatre and then finding his passion and desire to someday become a Shakespearean actor.

“I am only interested in doing one thing and that’s to tell the truth with the upmost integrity because I was there.", says Bastfield, the film's Director.

The film explores how art ignited Tupac in his own activism by giving him the courage of his convictions to strengthen his artistry as a means to communicate with his community. We hear the voices of a 16 year old Tupac with his Born Busy rap group rapping about the risks of teen pregnancy and urging the Black community to stop the violence against one another and live in peace.

Bastfield continues, “This story is about the power of having access to arts and culture and finding your voice through your art like Tupac and myself when attending the Baltimore School for the Arts despite us coming out of underserved communities in Baltimore. This film is a blueprint to why we need to foster access to arts education more than ever. Tupac was a living example."

Born Busy is currently in production to be released in 2021 with a free online screening exclusively at www.BecomeAPatron.org.

Contact: Donna D. Brown



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